Company Overview

Profit Tools intermodal trucking transportation software began in 1995 as a joint venture between trucking company owner James P. Daley Jr., and software specialist Brian K. Widell. The goal was to create an intermodal trucking software package that could serve as a complete operations management system, for multimode "flexible service" carriers. As the owner of an intermodal trucking company (S&J Transportation, Lee, NH), Jim had identified the need for an intermodal software system that could run his entire operation, from dispatch to billing, and everything in between. Together, Jim and Brian created Profit Tools, the intermodal trucking software solution.

Why You Should Choose Profit Tools

What sets Profit Tools apart from other transportation software systems is the personal industry experience of our team members, and their honest commitment to your success. We take pride in the fact that previous operations managers, dispatchers, and drivers make up our team at Profit Tools. We understand our customers and know their needs first hand. Our transportation software was created with you in mind. That's why Profit Tools continually creates products that cater to the needs of our current and future customers. As a matter of fact, more than 90% of our new features come directly from the requests of Profit Tools users.

The Intermodal Leader... and Much More

Another unique feature of our intermodal trucking software is the way our system tracks intermodal containers. Our process was recognized early on as a distinctive feature of our transportation software system. We've built on that strength to become the nation's leading intermodal software solution & multi-mode transportation software company. However, many of our customers don't do container work at all. They take advantage of our software's unique flexibility to adapt to varying service offerings, and our capability to surpass the needs of the changing intermodal trucking market. The bottom line is, our system remains flexible enough to provide transportation software to any and all carriers. Currently, Profit Tools has over 300 customers throughout North America and the Caribbean running highly successful operations through the use of our transportation software.

Flexible Software for Flexible Carriers

"Built for flexible service". This means our operations management software can deal with containers and chassis, flatbeds, dry-vans, reefers, air freight, TL, in-route and cross-dock LTL, brokerage...and whatever else customers may ask an intermodal trucking company to do.
"We can do it". That was the motto of our founder's trucking operation, so accommodating "flexible service" was built right into the Profit Tools' DNA.

Software is a Tool

We understand that your objective is not to buy software, it's to improve your operations management. We also understand that the capabilities of Profit Tools are useless unless your people gain the skills to use them effectively, and you are able to manage the change in your organization. This is why Profit Tools intermodal trucking software is backed by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals. We understand your fundamental transportation management objectives and will help make them a reality.

Improving Your Business

The purpose of Profit Tools intermodal software solution is to enable your trucking business to become a more streamlined and profitable operation. Our transportation software is designed to allow your staff to concentrate on what really matters (booking and planning loads), while letting the operations management software handle the rest. Allow us to show you how Profit Tools:

  • Provides automatic data transmission for faster collections
  • Allows you to effectively manage storage charges, per diem, and fuel surcharges
  • Manages your chassis or trailer fleet efficiently
  • Monitors driver detention
  • Automatically traces equipment on terminal and rail websites
  • Enables electronic communications between drivers in the field and staff at the office
  • Improves load building and route planning, and controls cross-docking
  • Automates rating and driver payroll efficiently and accurately


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